Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Welcome to Digital Moshai


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Hey, this is Mukul Chugh.

I'm currently pursuing my bachelors in Computer Science, I invest a-lot of time in learning and playing around design & coding.

"Creating Digital Experiences for Humans" - Mukul Chugh

This is what I do, & something I believe in - Building meaningful products

I also do freelancing on the side to work on real-world projects, it basically helps me learn better.


Welcome to Digital Moshai,

yet another blog you might find on the internet, but this is just the recreation of my whole mind, whatever I do, learn or know about, Will become a part of this blog, My journey, my understandings, maybe some tutorials here & there, and a-lot more. Everything in the realm of design & engineering from my point of view and understanding.

Thats pretty much the approach for this whole project.

I hope you'll like this platform, I will definitely try to put out the best of my knowledge and that to quite frequently.

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Cheers ๐Ÿป

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